About Us

N&G Rentals exists to enable your various photocopying needs. Our standard multi-functional photocopiers; copy, print, scan, fax, punch holes and staple. We endeavor to find the best solution for your business. Working together with you we aim to maximize your production and minimize your cost.

N&G Rentals is a subsidiary of Toshiba SA and was established in 2009 to meet the requirement of a growing number of businesses not willing to sign long leases with expensive interest rates and the necessity for short term rentals. N&G Rentals offers standard multi-functional printers and photocopiers that copy, print, scan, fax, punch holes and staple. Whether you print 200 copies or 200 000 copies per month our extensive range means we have a solution for your company. We do direct sales, leases, monthly rentals or personalized solutions where you can rent and take ownership. We have experienced staff to assess your requirements and offer you the best solution.

Toshiba SA supports us with service and parts giving you peace of mind knowing that you are backed by world class support.

Toshiba SA has over 250 dealerships nationwide which means that we can assist you wherever you are.